Distaff Holster

One way of supporting your whipcord distaff is by tucking your skirt or shirt into a belt and  anchoring the end in the resulting fold.  But I didn’t particularly want to risk poking a hole into or skewing the weave of my clothes.  So I devised a small holster that I could easily hang on my belt.  Having dealt with plenty of hangy-downy-things on my belts before, I also wanted to be able to remove it without having to completely take the belt off.


How To

I have a 1 ½” wide belt, and my holster will work for up to a 2″ belt.  If your belt is significantly wider, you can adjust the fastener as needed.

Start with a 16″ x 2 ½” strip of a heavy cloth like trigger or duck.  (I used a piece of trigger twice that size, and doubled it over to make finished edges without having to hem.)

Fold up the lower 4 ½” to form the holster pocket and stitch it down on either side.  Just a reminder – don’t sew the mouth closed at the top.


I used a button and button hole, spaced as shown above, to make the belt loop.

And that’s all there was to it.  It supports and stabilizes the distaff really well while standing or sitting, and is super convenient to use.  Feel free to get creative with yours.  Embroider it, paint it, or tool one in leather.  Or keep it simple and practical.  As long as it serves its purpose.


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